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We discovered that environmental laws already do exist. The lack of enforcement of those laws,
for politically connected individuals, creates severe injustice within the system, eventually destroying
the people's belief in the justice system, resulting in the intentional failure of justice. There's no justice
for the layman in court. Our complaints about these environmental crimes go nowhere.

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 April 27, 2010 election

April 27, 2010, Mark Carlisle was elected as a
Ashburnham Municipal Light Commission, and
continues to serve with Kevin Lashua.
May 24, 2010 to Sept. 21, 2011 the Ashburnham
Municipal Light illegally disconnected our power;
leaving us disconnected for a year and 4 months.

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 21E Brownfield application
  July 17, 2007, Mark Carlisle signed the EPA application
asking taxpayers to clean up the 10-acre pit.
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 10-acre "pit" inspection
  Feb. 1, 2007, MassDEP inspected the Map 21/40C
10-acre pit on Winchendon Road.

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 10-acre "pit" property
  Dec. 18, 2006 letter from Kevin Paicos to Marty Suuberg
of MassDEP indicates that the 10-acre pit, Map 21/40C,
Winchendon Road property is town-owned.
  May 5, 2003 aerial photo provided by Martin Suuberg,
MassDEP, CERO, Central Regional Office, Worcester,
Massachusetts, of the 10-acre town-owned property on
Assessor's Map 21/40C, Winchendon Road, Ashburnham, MA

Our Appeals Court Case Law Judge Jack Lu rules in our favor but we recover nothing
  Dec. 12-13, 2000, Kevin Lashua/Bill's Sewer Service, Inc.,
excavated truckloads of contaminated fill intentionally put
into the breakout and capping of our septic system in
Ashburnham, MA. These photos are from a video we
submitted in court, showing the Nashoba Associated Boards of
Health, health agent Jim Garreffi and Mark Carlisle, the
Ashburnham Board of Health Chairman at that time.
  May 16, 2000, thousands of yards of contaminated fill used in
the installation of our septic system by Kevin Lashua/Bill's Sewer
Service, Inc. - crushed metal drums, bricks, concrete, rubber,
glass, construction debris, and foul-smelling parts of another
septic system.
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 1990 Consent Order
  July 25, 1990 Consent Order signed by Kevin A. Lashua, indicated
that the 10-acre Winchendon Road site was to be cleaned up and
regraded. "Results of a [MassDEP] site inspection...confirmed the
ongoing use of [Kevin A. Lashua's] septage area as a disposal site
for septage".



The Failure of Justice


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