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MATT1.org, "Mothers Against Toxic Towns" in the fight against cancer.
Working to stop cancer and chronic illness at the source - disease prevention.
The MATT1.org website is for the convenience of information dissemination about toxic issues.


The Failure of Justice

We discovered that environmental laws already do exist. The lack of enforcement of those laws,
for politically connected individuals, creates severe injustice within the system, eventually destroying
the people's belief in the justice system, resulting in the intentional failure of justice. There's no justice
for the layman in court. Our complaints about these environmental crimes go nowhere.


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about Toxic Predatory Lending

As a result of undisclosed pre-existing environmental contamination issues, we had fallen prey
to aggressive "Toxic Predatory Lenders". These unconscionable lenders lure unsuspecting
homebuyers into a 30-year contracts, knowing the homeowner is likely to experience chronic toxicity
due to long-term exposure; likely result in devastating illness, followed by crushing financial burden,
and an inability to repay the loan. By systematically profiling and targeting "Toxic Towns", these
"Toxic Predatory Lenders" use loopholes in the law to foreclose on the property and recover the
amount of the loan, interest and principal payments, reaping a windfall of profit at the expense
of their own client, the unsuspecting homebuyer.


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