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About MATT1.org

MATT1.org, "Mothers Against Toxic Towns" in the fight against cancer.
Working to stop cancer and chronic illness at the source - disease prevention.

The goal of MATT1.org is to bring attention to Toxic Towns, and stop the contamination of the
environment for profit. It's our American Dream of home ownership, but we see the beauty
and not the beast.
It's a tragedy. We thought the laws and our government would protect
us, but we found we can't get an attorney and have no representation. As Pro-Se individuals,
representing ourselves in court, we continually strive to overcome this injustice, as
our complaints about these environmental crimes go nowhere.


The MATT1.org website is for the convenience of information dissemination about toxic issues
and is not intended nor should it be relied upon for any other purpose. While every effort is made
to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate, there may from time to time be instances
of inaccurate information for which we disclaim responsibility and to which you consent to this
disclaimer by your continued use of the site, and by your continued use of the MATT1.org website
you explicitly agree that information provided herein is not nor should ever be relied upon as
legal advice. All rights reserved.


The Failure of Justice


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